Welcome, you have entered the world of Atomic Miniature! Take a look around. You will find 1/12 scale handcrafted design classics, with an emphasis on the timeless icons of the Mid-Century Modern era. Each piece meticulously hand-made by Michael Yurkovic, an Industrial Designer and Artisan member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA). These Museum Quality miniatures are built to the highest standard, faithful to the original designs in every way. Architectural Models and Miniature Room Boxes are also among the items Michael creates. These are usually made to order, and are crafted of the highest quality materials in a variety of styles. You’ll also find a sampling of his automotive miniatures, created for clients around the world.  Of course, all these items are for sale, and are produced on a “made to order” basis. Commissioned works tailored to your specific needs are welcome. There will always be new items added to the collections, so check back often.


Michael Yurkovic