Predicta Light-Up TV


A beautiful replica of a long forgotten piece of television history, the Philco Predicta Floor Model ! This accurate reproduction has a screen that swivels just like the original. Ahead of it’s time, right, and this was 1959!! This 1/12 scale replica stands about 4 inches tall. The screen image is made to order, so you can specify whatever is near and dear to your television memories. The screen actually lights up. Shown is the battery powered unit, with all the electronics enclosed in the cabinet. If you like to plug in your accessories, I can accommodate that with a cord and plug arrangement. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool glow in your room at night. As usual, you can have it your way when it comes to color and finish. Portrayed in the photos is the classic blonde finished cabinet, with gold accents. Price for this unique piece is $425.

Predicta TV